Fake Argos offer still circulating online

28 November 2022
What was claimed

Retailer Argos is offering an airfryer for just £2.

Our verdict

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that this is not a genuine offer.

A post on Facebook falsely claims that the retailer Argos is offering an airfryer for just £2.

The full text of the post states: “Argos closes the warehouse, since supplies to some countries have been stopped, and offers the Philips Air Fryer for only £2,00!”. It also shares an image of an air fryer next to what appears to be a £2 price label from Argos. 

A spokesperson for the retailer confirmed to Full Fact that this is not a genuine Argos offer.

In the comments of the post, the page shares a link which directs to a page that appears to mimic the Argos website, featuring its logo and similar subheading and search bar. 

However, its URL does not match that of the official Argos website, the subheadings aren’t clickable and the page asks users to complete a short survey, in a similar manner to fake links in Facebook posts we’ve checked in the past

While not identical, the style of this post is very similar to posts we’ve checked recently which also claimed Argos was offering expensive goods such as electric scooters and air fryers for £3. 

Posts like these are very common on Facebook and we have fact checked them many times before, with recent examples including fake meal offers at Wetherspoons, e-scooter promotions and a Cadbury chocolate hamper

Image courtesy of Jeff Djevdet

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