Fake Argos ‘deals’ on electric scooters and air fryers circulating online

24 November 2022
What was claimed

Argos is offering electric scooters and air fryers for £3 in a time-limited deal.

Our verdict

Argos has confirmed that these offers are not genuine.

A number of social media posts advertising fake deals on expensive goods such as air fryers and electric scooters from Argos are being circulated on social media. 

Both of these examples claim that the retailer is offering the products for just £3, explaining that this is a limited-time offer. 

One of the posts states: “Argos is teaming up with Ninja for an incredible sale. Hurry up and get your hands on the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Max Dual Zone for just £3!

“Don’t miss out on possibly the best savings opportunity of your life.” 

The other says: “Argos is selling 100 electric scooters at a special price this week. Get in on the action! All that's left to do is pay for shipping! Find out or you're in luck.”

Apparent shoppers in the comments claim the scooter only cost them £3.

But a spokesperson for Argos told Full Fact that neither of these offers were genuine. 

Posts like these are extremely common on Facebook and we have fact checked them many times before, with recent examples including fake meal offers at Wetherspoons, e-scooter promotions and a Cadbury chocolate hamper

Image courtesy of Okai Vehicles

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