Black Lives Matter Scotland say they did not produce “Kill a White On Sight” stickers

23 June 2020
What was claimed

Black Lives Matter Scotland have produced posters and stickers with phrases such as “Kill a white on sight” on them.

Our verdict

The group have denied the material came from them.

Multiple posts online have shown stickers and flyers attributed to Black Lives Matter Scotland, with the phrases on them like “Kill a white on sight”, and “If they don’t stop, kill a cop”.

However, official Black Lives Matter groups have said these are not official stickers. A spokesperson told Edinburgh Live: “We categorically deny that these were created on our behalf and we denounce such hate speech.” They suggested the stickers may have been posted by someone trying to discredit the movement. 

They also denied any links to “antifa” groups (generally loose collectives focused on opposing far right-wing movements through direct action, including violence) as suggested in the stickers and posters. The Scottish Sun reported that local antifa-affiliated groups have also denied any link with the stickers. 

Full Fact has also reached out to Black Lives Matter Scotland for comment.

We’ve written before about how Extinction Rebellion had their design used by a group accused of sharing materials that promote white supremacy. It is worth remembering that almost anybody can make a sticker that looks like an official one, whether they may support or oppose the goals of the group in question. It’s relatively easy for people to mimic well-known logos and fonts.

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