Charles Bronson has not attacked Ian Huntley

22 June 2021
What was claimed

Charles Bronson has recently assaulted Ian Huntley in his prison cell.

Our verdict

This is not true. The men are in different prisons.

A Facebook post claims that the armed robber Charles Bronson (now known as Charles Salvador) has recently assaulted the murderer Ian Huntley in prison.

“Reports Suggest he's had him in the cell for the past 4 hours and he's beating him up”, the post says.

This is false, although some people who have shared it seem to believe it may be true.

As we wrote last year, Mr Bronson and Mr Huntley are currently in different prisons, so it would not be possible for one of them to attack the other.

More recent reports also say that Mr Huntley is still in HMP Frankland and Mr Salvador is still in HMP Woodhill.

The post comes from an account called “HMP News and Banter”, and provides a link where it claims the “full story” can be found. However, this link leads to a page on eBay where a police jacket is on sale.

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