Charles Bronson has not attacked Ian Huntley in prison

18 August 2020
What was claimed

Charles Bronson attacked Ian Huntley in prison.

Our verdict

This is incorrect. Ian Huntley and Charles Bronson are in separate prisons and there are no reports of any similar attack.

Multiple Facebook posts have claimed that Charles Bronson recently attacked Ian Huntley in jail. 

Bronson is a robber who has become known for violent behaviour in prison; Huntley was convicted of murdering two schoolgirls in 2003.

The post’s text reads:

 “Charles Bronson has smashed Ian Huntley to bits today in the segregation block.

Both prisoners were let into the prison yard for 30 mins exercise

Bronson then jumped on him and gave him a hiding reports suggest it took 10 screws 15 mins to get him off”

This is untrue. It would have been impossible for this to take place as the two men are in separate prisons—Huntley in Frankland prison in County Durham, and Bronson in HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes. Bronson was reportedly held in HMP Frankland for just over a year, but was moved to Woodhill in February 2019.

Additionally, there have been no reports of either getting into a recent fight with other prisoners. 

We also recently fact checked an untrue claim that Huntley had died in prison.

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