This little girl called Alice has not been kidnapped from your area

30 June 2020
What was claimed

A little girl called Alice has been kidnapped from various areas in the UK.

Our verdict

This is not a legitimate missing person case. It is a phishing scam.

We’ve seen evidence on Facebook that an article claiming that a little girl called Alice has gone missing from various areas in the UK is being shared again.

The posts read “Alice from [Location] was kidnapped! Anyone saw her? Please help us find her.”

As we’ve said before, the story is false and takes you to a website that attempts to gather your Facebook password by asking you to watch a fake video. You should not click links associated with the post.

The website appears to be hosted via a Polish domain, despite claiming to report UK local news.

The story claims that the child went missing on 30 June  in one paragraph, but on 15 January in the next. As we’ve also seen before, the article headline appears to have been adapted to say the little girl went missing in various locations, for example, Walsall, Kidlington, and Ayrshire.

The apparent Facebook comments under the article are not real, and clicking on them does not lead to any Facebook profiles.

There have been no reports from Missing People, Child Rescue Alert, or news stories about a child called Alice going missing in the UK this year.

This all suggests the story about the missing girl is not real.

You should never give your Facebook password to a website other than Facebook. (You can check the website address in your browser’s address bar to see if it says “”.) Facebook has tips on how to keep your account secure and says: “When in doubt, type into your browser to get to Facebook.”

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