New speed cameras with a limit of 72mph haven’t been set up on the M1 or M25

6 April 2023
What was claimed

New cameras are being set live on the M25 and M1, with an automatic fine for anyone caught driving over 72mph.

Our verdict

National Highways has confirmed this is untrue.

A number of posts claiming that all cameras on the M1 and M25 motorways will go live “tonight”, with a maximum speed limit of 72 miles per hour, have been shared on Facebook over the past week. 

One post reads: “Just a heads up. All cameras in UK on M1 and M25 go live at midnight tonight, set at 72mph. Auto ticket generating system. Watch your speed and tell everyone else to.”

A spokesperson for National Highways (the government company responsible for operating and maintaining motorways and major A roads) told Full Fact claims to this effect are “untrue”.

We have previously debunked the same claim when it was made in 2019 and similar claims about the M60 and M62

It’s not clear why this misinformation has reappeared online, though roads are expected to be extremely busy over the approaching bank holiday weekend. 

The national speed limit on motorways such as the M1 and M25 is 70mph for most vehicles, though some roads may have variable speed limits which means this may be lower on certain stretches. 

Parts of the M1 and M25 are smart motorways, which means that instructions on the road such as speed limits, lane closures and warning signs can be remotely controlled to adjust for different conditions. 

Image courtesy of Robin Webster

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