Video of building collapse is not from recent Morocco earthquake

15 September 2023
What was claimed

A video of a building collapse comes from the aftermath of the Morocco earthquake on 8 September 2023.

Our verdict

The video comes from Casablanca in 2020, not after the 2023 Morocco earthquake.

A video showing a building collapsing, with claims it happened after the recent earthquake in Morocco, is being shared on social media.

But the video was not recorded in the aftermath of the 8 September earthquake, which has killed at least 2,901 people and injured over 5,000.

The earliest version of the video Full Fact could find was published on YouTube in August 2020. An article in the Moroccon news outlet Hespress said the building collapsed in Casablanca on 5 August 2020, killing one person. Reporting suggests this was due to structural issues. It does not mention an earthquake.

Major news stories like the Moroccan earthquake can quickly become the subject of misinformation online, with misattributed videos like this one being difficult to correct after they are shared widely. We’ve seen this happen previously with the Maui fires, the riots in France and February’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Misinformation like this can be hard to spot and it’s worth checking if social media images and videos are genuinely what they say they are before you share. We’ve written a guide on how to verify videos here.

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