Woman filling bags with petrol was not filmed in south London

28 September 2021
What was claimed

A woman has recently been filmed filling plastic bags full of petrol at an Esso forecourt in Tooting.

Our verdict

This is not true. The video was published online two years ago and was filmed at a petrol station in Texas.

A video posted on Twitter appears to show someone filling up plastic bags of petrol at a petrol station and putting them in the boot of a car. 

The accompanying tweet says it was filmed at an Esso forecourt in Tooting, south London. This follows reports of petrol panic buying seen across the country in September 2021.  

However, the video was not filmed in the UK or even this year. 

The video was actually posted online back in December 2019. It was shared on YouTube and was also covered by the Daily Mail.

The Mail states the video was actually filmed at a Kroger gas station in Houston, Texas. The Kroger branding is visible on the petrol pump used by the woman.

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