Sign telling Russian troops ‘go f*** yourselves’ was Photoshopped

4 March 2022
What was claimed

Ukraine’s road signs authority changed a sign to tell Russian troops to “go f*** yourselves”.

Our verdict

The Ukrainian road signs authority did post a picture of this sign, but it is not genuine. Rather, it was Photoshopped as part of a post encouraging Ukrainians to dismantle road signs.

A post on Facebook claims to show a Ukrainian road sign which has been replaced to tell invading Russian troops to “go f*** yourselves”. 

The original picture was posted to Facebook by the Ukrainian government’s State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine (Укравтодор/Ukravtodor), which is responsible for the nation’s road signage.

The caption on Facebook urges people in Ukraine to dismantle all road signs and hand them over to the local authorities in an effort to disorientate Russian troops. “Let's help them get straight to hell,” the caption adds (when translated by Google). 

A spokesperson for the agency told fact checking organisation PolitiFact that it had been Photoshopped to encourage people to dismantle the signs.

There are some signs that this picture has been manipulated—the text on the sign is much sharper than the arrows next to it, indicating that it has been Photoshopped. 

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