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Are only one in five asylum seekers Syrian?

We’ve heard claims that one in five asylum seekers have been Syrian, and that the evidence is changing as the situation develops. Both are right.

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Far fewer social welfare cases get legal aid

Figures given to the Labour conference are right: in 2009/10, the legal aid scheme funded advice in 460,000 social welfare cases. In 2013/14 it was 53,000.

16-19 education saw the largest fall in education spending over the last Parliament

An analysis of the claim by the Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell that the Conservatives have overseen the deepest cuts to post-16 education ever.

Human rights and the age of consent

As a Liberal Democrat MP claims, a case at the European Court of Human Rights was responsible for a change to the age of consent for gay people.

Counting the cost of human rights law

Be wary of any attempt to tell you what human rights laws and court rulings 'cost' the government or the economy in the UK. The question has no easy answer.

Small businesses and EU membership

European Movement UK has claimed that small businesses support EU membership. We've taken a look at what some recent surveys tell us.

Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, factchecked

Jeremy Corbyn has given his first speech to the Labour party conference as leader. We've taken a look at some of his claims.

Are more people self-employed?

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed at Labour's annual conference that self-employed people make up one in seven of the labour force. We investigate.

Does the UK pay a fifth of the VAT going into the EU budget?

Business for Britain says the UK pays a fifth of all VAT going into the EU budget. We look at the figures behind the claim.

Did the government keep its promise on the Cancer Drugs Fund?

Rising costs have caused NHS England to remove some drugs from the Cancer Drugs Fund, which could soon be replaced by a new system.

Junior doctors’ pay: a short introduction to the dispute

The row over junior doctors’ contracts is making for sobering headlines—there are warnings of an ‘exodus’ of trainees and calls for strike action.

How large is the housing gap?

Housing was first up in Jeremy Corbyn's debut Prime Minister's Questions, where he claimed there was a housing gap of around 100,000.

Are there record numbers of young people going to university?

We take a look at the different ways of measuring university participation by young people and disadvantaged young people.

Partner visas and the EU

Difficulties getting a visa for a spouse aren't directly caused by the EU; they reflect government policy on immigration, which EU migration affects.

How many migrants are coming to Europe and the UK?

How many migrants have arrived in Europe in 2015? How many are expected to come? How many people arrived in the UK in 2014? We look at the facts.


The Sun, the OECD and asylum seekers

The Sun quotes the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as saying that many migrants aren't fleeing war zones. Here's what else the OECD said.

Are only one in five asylum seekers Syrian?

The Mail claims that 1 in 5 asylum seekers have been Syrian. The Guardian says there is evidence that's changing as the situation develops. Both are right.

The pay gap, record employment and an extra £23 billion to GDP: women and the workplace

BBC Question time saw claims on the pay gap, women's employment and a £23 billion boost to GDP from women reaching their potential. We look at the figures.

Have NHS waiting times got better or worse? Pick your measure

Have NHS waiting times got better or worse in the last few years? It depends which measure you're looking at.

Food banks, zero hours contracts and falling wages: are we worse off?

John McDonnell argued on last night’s Question Time that some of the government’s economic boasts are hollow. We’ve taken a look at his claims.


Ask Full Fact: does 80% of the public support the monarchy?

A reader told us that they keep hearing that 80% of the public support the monarchy. We take a look at the figures.

Ask Full Fact: are asylum seekers mostly men?

Readers have asked us whether it's true that most refugees are male. Of those applying for asylum in the EU recently, more than half have been men aged over 18.


Looking for impartial information about the EU? Look no further

The public and businesses say they don't have enough information about the EU. Full Fact will provide impartial information in the run up to the referendum.

There’s only so much £8 billion will buy you in the NHS

The £8 billion figure is totemic for the future of the NHS, but as the Nuffield Trust has explained, it is not extra money to pay for extra services.

Child poverty—it’s up but it’s also down

Jeremy Corbyn claims child poverty went up by half a million under the last government. It's up by one measure, but down by another.