The BBC did not say that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is planning to put microchips in Covid-19 vaccines

The article in question is a speculative article on the future of travel and does not mention microchips.

The evidence shows masks do offer protection from Covid-19

A viral video claims surgical masks are “no good” as they don’t offer complete protection to the wearer. Evidence shows masks still have benefits.

Coronavirus cures: debunked

We’ve been asked by readers to find the truth about many alleged ‘cures’ for Covid-19.

Facebook post about Italy, coronavirus and 5G is almost all false

The post wrongly claims Italian doctors have found Covid-19 is caused by a bacteria.

New antibody tests are not 100% accurate on all measures

It was reported that new antibody tests were 100% accurate, but evaluation of the tests by Public Health England shows this is not the case.

Hydroxychloroquine is not used as a treatment for radiation sickness

There isn’t reliable evidence that the drug cures Covid-19 patients either.

These patents are not for the new coronavirus or its vaccine

The patents are for other forms of coronavirus and show no evidence Covid-19 was manufactured.

This post about Covid-19 and blood clotting conditions contains inaccuracies

Some people with severe Covid-19 develop blood clotting problems, but this doesn’t mean that pneumonia is a misdiagnosis.

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