Hydroxychloroquine is not used as a treatment for radiation sickness

There isn’t reliable evidence that the drug cures Covid-19 patients either.

These patents are not for the new coronavirus or its vaccine

The patents are for other forms of coronavirus and show no evidence Covid-19 was manufactured.

This post about Covid-19 and blood clotting conditions contains inaccuracies

Some people with severe Covid-19 develop blood clotting problems, but this doesn’t mean that pneumonia is a misdiagnosis.

It's incorrect to say flu vaccines don't work

An argument that the flu vaccine doesn’t work because the flu has not been eliminated doesn’t add up.

Covid-19 prevention claims put down to Unicef go viral again

The post says salt water, hot drinks and the sun can prevent the disease.

An image of a dog vaccine for a different coronavirus has gone viral

A post claims a picture of the vaccine is from 2001, but the vaccine is for dogs.

The NHS is not asking people with type O negative blood to go to donate at Manchester Royal Infirmary

NHS Blood and Transplant have said that the post asking for donors in Manchester is fake.

This viral coronavirus breathing advice needs context

A viral video on how to relieve Covid-19 symptoms won’t necessarily give appropriate advice in all cases.

No, a survey didn’t find a majority of doctors saying that hydroxychloroquine is the most effective treatment for Covid-19

The poll was not representative of all doctors. 37% of doctors involved in Covid-19 treatment listed these drugs as among the most -effective treatments.

Good news coronavirus list needs context

A viral list containing good news stories about Covid-19 is largely accurate, but needs some context.

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