30th Jul 2020

Full Fact calls on the Prime Minister to correct the record on poverty

The public relies on political leaders to get their facts right when debating society’s big questions - and they must correct the record if they get it wrong. Read more

28th Jul 2020

How we’re using AI to scale up global fact checking

For the past few years, we have been developing AI tools to help increase the speed, reach and impact of our fact checking, which we intend to share with like … Read more

15th Jul 2020

Full Fact raises concerns with regulator over inaccurate testing data

We are particularly concerned about a lack of willingness from the government to engage on specific questions of accuracy. Read more

29th Jun 2020

Full Fact welcomes new report from Lords Democracy and Digital Technologies Committee

Full Fact welcomes the recommendations in the report. We are glad that the committee has taken on board many of the comments that we made. Read more

28th May 2020

How can we fight bad information about health?

Full Fact’s Researcher Dr. Dora-Olivia Vicol looks at health misinformation, and how fact checkers and the general public can stand up to crises, conspiracies, and inaccurate everyday health advice. Read more

30th Apr 2020

Fighting the causes and consequences of bad information: the Full Fact Report 2020

Bad information ruins lives – read Full Fact’s report on what we can do to fight it. Read more

24th Apr 2020

What do our readers’ questions tell us about the public’s coronavirus concerns?

Since 16th March, our readers have sent in over 2,400 questions about the new coronavirus. We pulled together the recurring themes to try to find out what the public cares … Read more

22nd Apr 2020

Over half of the UK public say they ignore parties and politicians because they don’t know if they can trust them

These are the findings of research we commissioned from BritainThinks during the 2019 general election campaign, thanks to funding for our election work from the Nuffield Foundation. Read more

1st Apr 2020

Coronavirus: our pledge to you, our readers

Let's tackle bad information together. Read more