28th Feb 2020

What makes us believe a false claim? Age, education, and cognitive biases all play a part

In part two of our fighting bad information research series, we look at why and when we’re more likely to believe in something which isn’t true Read more

24th Feb 2020

Is a picture worth a thousand words? How to strike the balance between commanding attention and conveying information online

What makes you notice a fact check when reading the news online? In the first of our fighting bad information research series, we look into why good communication matters—and what ... Read more

20th Feb 2020

Helping the truth catch up: Full Fact, Africa Check and Chequeado turn to research to fight bad information

Full Fact’s Research Team and partners at Africa Check and Chequeado draw on the latest academic evidence to explain what shapes belief in misinformation, and how to fight it. Read more

12th Feb 2020

Online harms: we welcome the government’s commitment to freedom of expression, but more action is needed on bad information

Bad information ruins lives. Today’s response from the government about their online harms proposals recognises this threat, but there isn’t enough concrete action on how to tackle it. Read more

19th Dec 2019

The government must stick to its pledge to increase online political campaign transparency

The government must not lose focus on the importance of reforming dangerously outdated electoral laws, as it pushes ahead with the rest of its legislative agenda. Read more

13th Dec 2019

General Election 2019, fact checked

We knew independent, impartial, timely fact checking would be more needed than ever this election. So we asked for your help and have been overwhelmed by the response. Read more

6th Dec 2019

How we use AI to help fact check party manifestos

As part of our efforts to fact check the 2019 general election, we’ve been using our AI tools to scrutinise the manifestos of the main parties. Read more

4th Dec 2019

Full Fact partners with Ndemic Creations on new Fake News game scenario

Full Fact have partnered with Ndemic Creations to create a new Fake News scenario of their bestselling game Plague Inc. Read more

15th Nov 2019

Staying balanced: protecting our impartiality in an election

During an election, protecting our impartiality is vital. Here's how we do it. Read more