19 Dec 2016

All I want …is a donation to Full Fact

Jill's Full Fact fundraising party raised over £2000. Here's her story. Read more

15 Dec 2016

Facebook announces plan to fight fake news: with factcheckers

Facebook has launched a pilot to warn users stories are disputed. Read more

14 Dec 2016

Need to Know

Full Fact is launching a project with the people who fund and produce public information in the UK to see if we can fill the gaps in data and analysis. Read more

01 Dec 2016

What we found out by factchecking claims about the EU membership fee

Remember the bus? You probably know by now that it was wrong. Here's the story behind the claim. Read more

17 Nov 2016

Google supports Full Fact to build automated factchecking tools

Google's Digital News Initiative announces €50,000 grant to Full Fact to the build the first end-to-end automated factchecking tool. Read more

17 Nov 2016

Automated Factchecking

Full Fact has set out an open roadmap for automated factchecking and is developing the first end-to-end automated factchecking tools. Read more

10 Nov 2016

The sitting room of the (very near) future

Coming soon to a screen near you: facts and factchecking. Read more

04 Nov 2016

When I grow up I want to be...

Our Senior Researcher Joseph O'Leary spent his Thursday giving a talk Cardiff School of Journalism. 'Incorrect facts can be a story too'. Read more

28 Oct 2016

How to find a fact: vanishing asylum seekers

The mysterious tale of the vanishing asylum seekers - or, how the Home Office failed to answer our questions. Read more