17 Dec 2015

The government doesn't own public information

HMRC has refused an FOI request about migration data. We think this is inadequate. Read more

11 Dec 2015

Health Secretary responds to our correction request on weekend deaths in hospitals

In October we checked the Health Secretary's claim that, "there are 11,000 excess deaths because we do not staff our hospitals properly at weekends." Here's the reply when we asked ... Read more

17 Nov 2015

Hiding the truth in plain sight

What does a Tom Hardy film have in common with the Department of Health? Read more

10 Nov 2015

Migrants and the benefits system: let's see the evidence

The evidence behind the Prime Minister's claims on EU migrants and benefits needs to be published. Read more

22 Oct 2015

User-friendly statistics: "What you can say, and what you can't"

We like the Justice Data Lab's user-friendly health warnings on the statistics it produces. Read more

09 Sep 2015

Department of Health to speed up responses to media and Full Fact

The Department of Health has revealed it will introduce measures which should mean if a claim can't be quickly substantiated it won't make it into a speech. Read more

20 Aug 2015

A typology of caveats

A typology of statistical context that includes information and caveats that affect how we might otherwise interpret the figures. Read more

18 Aug 2015

DWP uses 'made up' claimants in benefits leaflet

A benefits leaflet published by the Department for Work and Pensions contained 'made up' claimants, which have now been removed. Read more

14 Aug 2015

FoI madness, but not as we know it

Recent experiences of how requests under the Freedom of Information Act are handled leave us cold. Read more