23rd Jul 2019

A Prime Minister’s words matter—will you stand up for honesty in politics?

A Prime Minister’s words matter. We should take them seriously. Read more

23rd Jul 2019

Boris Johnson and Full Fact: a brief history of factchecking

At Full Fact we’ve been factchecking claims that Mr. Johnson has made for almost a decade, ever since we were founded in 2010. Read more

15th Jul 2019

Full Fact calls for urgent action from government to overhaul its use of data

Full Fact is one of 11 organisations calling for a transformative change to improve the UK government's use of data, for better government and better society Read more

27th Jun 2019

Andy Dudfield and Ross Haig join Full Fact in automated factchecking and communications

Full Fact’s growing because our work is more needed than ever. Read more

27th Jun 2019

Everyone talks about trust but how many people understand it?

In our new briefing, Full Fact’s Research Manager Amy Sippitt goes beyond the survey headlines to look at what trust really means. Read more

20th Jun 2019

Fact checking doesn’t work (the way you think it does)

Fact checkers need to move from ‘publish and pray’ to ‘publish and act’ Read more

11th Jun 2019

The factbombing problem: Why too many statistics can be damaging to the state of public debate

We’ll remember the Theresa May vs. Jeremy Corbyn era for both sides reeling off really long lists of disconnected facts at PMQs. Read more

29th May 2019

The prosecution of Boris Johnson

We want our politicians to tell the truth, but some aren't taking their responsibilities seriously—and our public bodies simply haven’t acted enough. Read more

7th May 2019

Full Fact and international partners win Google AI Impact Challenge

We're excited to announce that Full Fact – along with three of our international partners – has been chosen as a winner of the Google AI Impact Challenge. Read more

26th Apr 2019

Both Labour and the Conservatives should stop making these claims about council tax

Both parties claim their councils charge lower tax. Neither use data that can really be used to compare council tax in different areas. So both are making fairly meaningless claims. Read more

12th Apr 2019

Support our call to protect our elections from abuse by emailing your MP

Urgent action is needed to make sure the upcoming EU elections aren’t wide open to abuse—and we need your help. Read more

12th Apr 2019

The EU elections are approaching, the government needs to act now to protect them from abuse

Our election laws around political advertising and campaigning online are dangerously out of date and wide open to abuse. Read more