6th Dec 2019

How we use AI to help fact check party manifestos

As part of our efforts to fact check the 2019 general election, we’ve been using our AI tools to scrutinise the manifestos of the main parties. Read more

4th Dec 2019

Full Fact partners with Ndemic Creations on new Fake News game scenario

Full Fact have partnered with Ndemic Creations to create a new Fake News scenario of their bestselling game Plague Inc. Read more

15th Nov 2019

Staying balanced: protecting our impartiality in an election

During an election, protecting our impartiality is vital. Here's how we do it. Read more

15th Nov 2019

Full Fact writes to all Parliamentary candidates: “if you don’t know, don’t bluff”

This is a vital election and voters deserve good information. We are writing to all candidates with a simple challenge: get your facts right, back up your claims with evidence, … Read more

12th Nov 2019

Full Fact awarded funds from the Nuffield Foundation to fact check the election

The Nuffield Foundation has awarded Full Fact £60,000 to improve the understanding and use of evidence in the 2019 general election campaign. Read more

7th Nov 2019

Fact checking the 2019 election: what makes a well communicated fact check?

Our new briefing draws together peer-reviewed academic research to find what makes a fact check well communicated and understood. Read more

30th Oct 2019

Our pledge to you this election–and how you can help

It’s happening. The UK is heading to the polls on 12th December. And at Full Fact, we're ready for the campaign. Read more

22nd Oct 2019

Full Fact welcomes Facebook’s call for new UK laws to protect elections

We welcome Facebook's call for new UK laws to protect our elections. But it can’t be left to Facebook to safeguard our democracy. Read more

21st Oct 2019

Review and reflections: Truth and Trust Online 2019

We summarise the event and reflect on some of the key takeaways. Read more

14th Oct 2019

Reform of our election laws must be a priority: Full Fact response to the Queen’s Speech

As the Queen’s Speech reiterated government plans for changes to our election laws, Full Fact once again called for emergency legislation to ensure online political campaigns are open to scrutiny. Read more

16th Sep 2019

It can’t be left to Facebook to safeguard our democracy

Facebook are implementing new advertising safeguards after Full Fact spotted altered headlines being run by the Conservative Party. But these actions aren't enough to protect our next election. Read more

3rd Sep 2019

Election law needs to change before any election to safeguard our democracy

Full Fact has today written to all MPs and Peers calling for UK election law to be updated before any election. Read more