29th Mar 2019

Our “backfire effect” research review: areas we need to understand better for factchecking

We take a look at some interesting findings for factcheckers from our "backfire effect" review. Read more

20th Mar 2019

Does the “backfire effect” exist—and does it matter for factcheckers?

In our new briefing, Full Fact’s Research Manager Amy Sippitt takes an in-depth look at whether the so-called “backfire effect” really exists—and what it means for factcheckers. Read more

15th Feb 2019

All that glitters is not gold(en): how the press misreported Mark Carney's speech

This week, three national newspapers all reported the same misleading phrase from a speech by the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. We look into what went wrong. Read more

11th Jan 2019

Full Fact to start checking Facebook content as third-party factchecking initiative reaches the UK

This month Full Fact is going to begin factchecking images, videos and articles on Facebook, in a bid to slow the spread of misinformation on people’s news feeds. Read more

11th Jan 2019

Frequently asked questions: Facebook

About our work checking content on Facebook. Read more

19th Dec 2018

£5,000: The true cost of the The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: a hefty credit card bill. Read more

19th Dec 2018

Five ways Full Fact has made a difference this year

Let's be honest, it’s been a confusing year in British politics. But through it all, we've made sure you get the facts you deserve. Read more

11th Dec 2018

In praise of... Alexios Mantzarlis

The first Director of the International Fact Checking Network Read more

29th Nov 2018

Sign up to use Full Fact Live

Sign up to use Full Fact's live factchecking tool for the Brexit debate on Sunday 9th December. Read more

23rd Nov 2018

Reporting on childhood diabetes prevalence should come with a health warning

Recent media reports have said type 2 diabetes among children is ten times higher than previously thought. But that doesn't mean it's gone up by ten times. We explain why... Read more

23rd Nov 2018

Got a question about Brexit? Ask Full Fact

Ask us any questions you have about Brexit, and we'll work with experts to try and get you the answers you deserve. Read more

23rd Nov 2018

Research update #2: Countering misinformation, and demographic differences in news consumption

An occasional series summarising research that can inform our work from Full Fact's Research Manager Amy Sippitt. Read more