What was the New Deal?

The Prime Minister recently compared the government’s policy program to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. They’re not on the same scale.

State spending isn’t at a record high when you consider the size of the economy

Public spending amounts to around 40% of the size of the economy. It’s been smaller before. It’s also been bigger before.

Public spending on buses not down by half in a decade

Funding from local authorities in England (excluding London) is down 43%, and this excludes money from central government which has not seen such large falls.

There are some problems with this estimate of Labour’s nationalisation plans

Analysis says it will cost £196 billion or shareholders will suffer losses. Some outlets said both would occur.

Viral post about Conservatives’ record in government gets lots of things wrong

It incorrectly claims that child poverty is up 50%, crime is up 30%, and public sector pay is down 15%.

Would a corporation tax cut more than pay for itself, as Jeremy Hunt suggests?

Cutting corporation tax could lead to economic growth over the long-term, but is still expected to cost more than it raises.

£1 trillion was not spent on bailing out banks during the financial crisis

It total £137 billion was spent. And most of that money has since been recouped by the government.

Was foreign aid money spent on an airport that doesn’t run flights?

St Helena airport didn’t run commercial flights between its opening in May 2016 and October 2017, but now runs flights to Ascension Island and South Africa.

What happened to council funding, welfare spending and police numbers under the Coalition?

Andrew Marr correctly quoted a number of figures on reductions in welfare spending, council funding and police numbers under the Coalition, during an interview on his show.

What happens to the money from National Insurance Contributions?

Surplus funds from National Insurance Contributions in the UK are currently invested towards reducing the national debt.

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