Satisfaction with the NHS peaked in 2010

Labour increased health spending from 1997-2010 by almost record levels. Satisfaction with the NHS peaked at 70% in 2010. It has since fallen to 57%.

Is Heathrow just for high flyers?

More people flying from Heathrow are on connecting flights or business trips than most other London airports. The majority are still leisure travellers and on terminating flights (as opposed to …

Infrastructure spending: does North Wales get its fair share?

We don’t know exactly who in the UK gets what out of infrastructure spending.

Is UK foreign aid funding filming in Beijing?

At least £440,000 aid was spent on Chinese film, TV and museum projects in 2016/17. The total foreign aid budget was £14 billion.

Royal flush? How much are taxpayers paying for the Royal wedding?

The Royal Family will pay for the wedding, but the state pays for the security. Security for Prince William’s wedding cost over £6 million.

32,000 people work in the British steel industry

32,000 people worked in steel in 2016. More than half of these jobs are in Wales, and Yorkshire and Humber.

Government funding for the rail industry

How does taxpayer support for privatised rail compare with funding for the old British Rail?

Who owns Britain’s trains, energy and postal service?

Some providers of UK utilities like energy, post and rail have links with foreign governments

Scotland spends 20% more per head on public services than England

An increasing proportion of the Scottish government’s budget comes from taxes raised in Scotland, rather than the block grant.

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