Did a Labour-run council sign a PFI contract with Carillion in December?

Carillion was signed off by Leeds City Council as the preferred bidder for a project in December 2017, but no contract was signed.

How many PFI contracts did the last Labour government sign with Carillion?

38% of Carillion PFI deals were awarded during the Labour government, according to published data.

Is the UK economy in the relegation zone?

Our economy was the fastest growing in the G7 in 2014 but is now one of the worst performers, according to various experts.

Did badly-regulated bankers cause the recession?

Lots of things went wrong, but experts agree that regulation was one of them.

How big is Scotland’s deficit compared to the UK as a whole?

The Scottish deficit is more than three times that of the UK as a whole, as a proportion of GDP.

Do you pay a higher tax rate than a millionaire?

Marginal tax rates can be very high for both high and low earners.

Does Labour expect a run on the pound?

Labour is not expecting a run on the pound, but both Corbyn and McDonnell support “scenario-plans” which consider what to do if it should happen under their government.

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