Scotland’s maths and science scores are falling in international tests but rising in national tests

Boris Johnson said maths and science is at record lows in Scotland, where education hasn’t been debated for two years.

Does the UK have the best education system in the world?

This claim is based on a survey of public perceptions of different educational systems. It is not good data to objectively rank education systems.

Government school spending figures: correct but misleading

The government picked out a number of figures on education spending which, while correct, mask the fact that schools spending has been falling in real terms in England.

Nearly 2 million more children are in good or outstanding schools since 2010

The progress is influenced by Ofsted’s changing inspection practices.

Is educational attainment in Scotland at record levels?

Figures on attainment in Scotland depend on which measure you prefer to look at.

The UK's international education ranking

It’s important not to read too much into the UK’s rank alone, or draw conclusions from changes in our rankings about whether our education system is getting better or worse.

Scottish schools

The standard of schools in Scotland, as measured by recent pupil tests and exam results, seems to be slightly in decline.

Finland, Canada and South Korea rank highly for education

We've checked claims from this week's BBC Question Time on education systems across the world.

England not named world's second worst nation for child happiness

Research only looked at 15 countries, so can't tell us how England ranks worldwide for child happiness.

PISA's international league tables: what they do and don't tell you

The Programme for International Student Development tells us some useful things, but not everything.

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