Got a question about the election? Ask Full Fact

5 December 2019

There’s one week to go until election day. 

This campaign has been filled with often exaggerated claims from all sides, and a lot of the time it’s seemed like the main parties are talking about completely different versions of reality. It can be hard for anybody to sort out the facts from the sound and fury of the campaign.

So we want your questions. 

Whichever side you end up on—or if you don’t have a side at allwe think you deserve to have the facts before you cast your vote. That’s why we wrote to every parliamentary candidate asking them to uphold some simple standards of accuracy and honesty. And it’s why we’ve been fact checking the biggest claims from all parties throughout the election, fact checking the manifestos, and fact checking the TV debates.

But we know we can’t have covered everything you might want to know. So if there’s a topic you still don’t feel you understand, or if you’ve seen a claim from a party you’re not sure you can trust, this is your chance to ask us. Just fill in the form below—we can’t promise to answer every question we get, but we’ll publish every answer we write here on our website, so your question can help other people too.

If you want, you can give us your email address so we can let you know when we’ve answered questions that we get through, but this is completely optional (you can also sign up to receive our newsletter). We won’t use this to contact you for any other reason if you don’t want, and we won’t share your details with anybody else.

Full Fact fights bad information

Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy. You deserve better.