Labour makes misleading claim on solar energy

Labour used misleading figures, but there is evidence to show that the solar industry in the UK is stagnating.

NHS, EU funding and VAT: possible effects of leaving the EU

An open letter signed by leading Leave campaigners this morning implies that leaving the EU will benefit public finances, leaving £5.5bn more to spend on the NHS and allowing VAT ...

Onshore wind: how do the costs compare?

The costs of onshore wind power compared to the alternatives have been hotly disputed during the passage of the Energy Bill. We’ve taken a look.

Jobs, pollution, and academies: Prime Minister's Questions, factchecked

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on employment figures, pollution, renewable energy, gun crime, and academies.

The Energy Bill in the Commons, factchecked

We followed the Commons debate on the Energy Bill ahead of the voting—here’s a selection of some of the claims we checked.

Renewable subsidy cuts might raise bills in the long term, but we don’t know by how much

Uncertainty among investors might make it more expensive to finance energy projects in future.

Is the UK making progress towards its 2020 renewables target?

Without further action from the government the UK will miss its target to get 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

UK carbon emissions are falling

The drop in UK carbon dioxide emissions was the largest since comparable records began.

Onshore wind: how much investment would be affected by early closure of the subsidy?

We look into some of the available evidence on money that's been invested in onshore wind projects.

How much of our energy comes from wind? MPs disagree

While debating the Energy Bill, MPs disputed each other’s statistics on how much of the UK’s electricity comes from wind turbines.

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