Is the EU behind a £1 billion increase in aid spending?

"Foreign aid bill to soar by £1bn" Daily Express, 4 April 2015 "Overseas aid must rise by £1bn in next two years, says Europe" The Times, 3 April 2015 The …

Is two thirds of UK law made by the EU?

Roughly two thirds of all the laws that apply in the UK are linked to the EU, but as laws vary a lot in importance this isn't very useful to …

Did the EU rule that obesity is a disability?

"Fury as Euro court rules the obese are disabled" Daily Express, 19 December 2014 A decision concerning a childminder who claims he was sacked for being overweight was published yesterday …

UK law and the EU: new estimates from House of Commons Library

Nick Clegg claimed 7% of UK law was influenced by the EU. Nigel Farage claimed 75%. The House of Commons Library's verdict: neither of them is right.

How often does the EU overrule British ministers?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage claims the EU Council has overruled the UK 55 times on directives. But formal votes can only tell us so much about British influence.

Does Brussels influence 70% of UK law?

Last week a number of outlets reported that 70% of our laws are influenced by Brussels.

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