12 May's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the panel's claims on Scottish public attitudes, election results, immigration and jobs.

UK jobs and the EU

Research suggests at least three million jobs are linked to UK exports to the EU, there's no evidence they are 'dependent' on our EU membership.

The government's EU leaflet: jobs and exports

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on jobs and exports.

14 April's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the Question Time panel's claims about the tax gap, and the impact of leaving the EU on the UK's economy and borders.

Manufacturing jobs and the EU

It's been claimed that two-thirds of manufacturing jobs are reliant on Britain's membership of the EU. That's wrong.

Poverty, apprenticeships and house building: Prime Minister's Questions, factchecked

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on poverty, apprenticeships, house building, and jobs going to non-UK EU nationals.

3 million jobs "linked" to trade with the EU

Labour's advertisement to businesses in the Financial Times today warns that the biggest risk to British business is the threat of an EU exit. The risk? Over 3 million jobs …

Independent front-page repeats EU jobs error

Full Fact Live: factchecking in brief from Full Fact and elsewhere

3 million jobs lost over 'Brexit'? Concern over recycled claim

Would three million Britons end up on the dole if Britain pulled out of the European Union? Readers would be forgiven for believing so after an article on the pro-Europeans …

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