The European Community supported Britain during the Falklands War

During the conflict, the European Community banned all weapons sales to, and imports from, Argentina.

UK workers’ rights: what are the rules on sick pay, maternity and annual leave?

Most of the numbers in a viral post about UK and EU workers’ rights are correct, but could benefit from some more context.

Did “our boys” change the handball rule?

Ian Holloway suggested that changes to the handball and VAR rules were not made by British organisations. British FAs voted unanimously in favour of VAR, and have more power over …

UK taxpayers aren’t subsidising France’s 35-hour working week

The EU budget is not spent on subsidising the French or German working week, or transport and utilities systems.

Does the government subsidise grouse shooting?

Grouse moorland is eligible for agricultural subsidy, though the sport of grouse shooting isn’t itself subsidised.

This claim about the UK's EU contribution is correct, but meaningless

Since 2000 the UK has made a net contribution to the EU of £122 billion in today’s money.

The UK is one of the biggest contributors to the EU budget

The UK has been the third or fourth largest contributing country to the EU budget in recent years.

Do EU rules prevent safer lorries?

Lorry design specifications are set by the EU, but the UK initially opposed its plans to allow safer lorries on the road.

EU research funding

The loss of EU research funding is a worry for many academics.

Tax: evasion and avoidance in the UK

In 2013-14, HMRC estimate that they lost about £2.7 billion through tax avoidance and £4.4 billion through tax evasion—so about £7.1 billion overall.

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