Did “our boys” change the handball rule?

Ian Holloway suggested that changes to the handball and VAR rules were not made by British organisations. British FAs voted unanimously in favour of VAR, and have more power over ...

UK taxpayers aren’t subsidising France’s 35-hour working week

The EU budget is not spent on subsidising the French or German working week, or transport and utilities systems.

Does the government subsidise grouse shooting?

Grouse moorland is eligible for agricultural subsidy, though the sport of grouse shooting isn’t itself subsidised.

This claim about the UK's EU contribution is correct, but meaningless

Since 2000 the UK has made a net contribution to the EU of £122 billion in today’s money.

The UK is one of the biggest contributors to the EU budget

The UK has been the third or fourth largest contributing country to the EU budget in recent years.

Do EU rules prevent safer lorries?

Lorry design specifications are set by the EU, but the UK initially opposed its plans to allow safer lorries on the road.

EU research funding

The loss of EU research funding is a worry for many academics.

How many businesses export to the EU?

It sounds like a simple question, but it’s not so easy to answer. We don’t have any official figures for how many UK businesses in total export to the EU.

The government's EU leaflet: employment rights

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on free movement and employment rights.

Minimum wage, workers' rights and the EU: Prime Minister's Questions, factchecked

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on the minimum wage, workers' rights and the EU.

What would Brexit mean for criminal justice?

Criminal law expert J.R. Spencer explains how the EU affects criminal justice in the UK, and how leaving the EU might change things.

The EU has reduced roaming charges

Remain campaigners often cite the reduced cost of using a mobile phone in other European countries as an EU success story. That seems fair.

How much of your paid holiday is down to the EU?

The EU does give workers the right to a minimum 20 days of paid leave, but it was a decision of the British government to increase that to 28 days.

The government's EU leaflet: security

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on the security benefits of our membership.

The government's EU leaflet: travel

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on travelling in Europe.

British students and the EU

Campaigners to stay in the EU have invoked the number of UK students going abroad on the Erasmus programme. Their figures are broadly correct.

UN wrong on asylum seekers in Britain

Peter Sutherland of the UN is right that the UK receives fewer asylum seekers than other EU countries, but not as few as BBC listeners were led to believe.

Are British workers less productive than Germans and French?

It takes on average a British worker to Friday to do what equivalent workers in Germany and France will complete by the end of Thursday afternoon. Chuka Umunna, shadow business ...

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