Can you help train up our fact checking AI?

Your mission, AI trainer:

By taking part in this task with us you will be training it to better understand stats and sentences. Just ten answers will make a huge difference to our work, but keep going to reach ‘Super Trainer’ status.

Will you help us to reach 250,000?

We are currently developing a “Stats Checker” tool that can automatically check numerical claims by comparing them with official statistics. This can help us monitor politicians and journalists more closely and encourage honesty in public debate. 

The tool has to identify the key elements of a claim, such as the topic, numbers and any relevant dates. This is a challenging task and we need to teach our AI model how to find this information in sentences. 

For each claim the AI is shown, it will ask a set of questions based on its current interpretation. All you have to do is read the sentence and answer each question “yes” or “no”. We’re not asking whether the claim is true or false, only whether the tool has interpreted the text correctly.

For example:

Sentence: The financial sector now forms 8% of the UK’s GDP, up from 7% a year ago.


Correct answer

Is this a claim about GDP?

No (It’s about the size of the financial sector)

Is this a prediction? 

No (It’s about the current and past values)

Does this claim relate “GDP” to “7%”? 

No (7% relates to previous value of the financial sector.)

Is this data from “UK”?

Yes (The country is explicitly mentioned)

In this claim, is “8%” the final value?

Yes (The value has risen from 7% and is now 8% at the end of the period being discussed.)

Remember, for this task, we’re not interested in whether the claim is true or false so you don’t need to go and read any articles or have any expert knowledge. Just a good grasp of English and a bit of patience!

Here’s a second example:

Sentence: Consumer price inflation for food and non-alcoholic drinks rose by 4.2% in the year to December.


Correct answer

Is this a claim about the amount/value of ‘price inflation’?

No (that's only part of the relevant phrase)

Is this a claim about the amount/value of ‘Consumer price inflation’?

Yes (that’s the whole phrase)

And if you’re not sure of any answer, please skip it and carry on with the next one.


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