20th Jul 2012

Do a quarter of young drivers crash in their first six months?

Apparent carnage on the roads seems to come back to a rogue press release.

19th Jul 2012

Is alcohol abuse killing thousands, hospitalising tens of thousands and costing billions?

"Bacchus must now his power resign! / I am the only god of wine! / It is not fit the wretch should be / In competition set with me / …

18th Jul 2012

Have long-term jobless youths tripled in one year?

Tweeting his reaction to the release of the latest Labour Market Statistics, Ed Balls' political advisor claimed that the number of young people on the dole for more than a …

18th Jul 2012

Is Ed Miliband right about extortionate pension fees?

The Labour Leader claims that some pension providers wipe out half the value of savers' pension pots by taking large admin fees. Where is the evidence of this?

18th Jul 2012

Is the benefits cap pushing thousands of jobless back to work?

Earlier this week the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) released new statistics on benefit claimants at risk of being affected by the Government's planned benefit cap. Due to take …
18th Jul 2012

Who's responsible for problem families misreporting?

The publication of a report by the Government's 'Troubled Families Tsar' this morning has reopened old wounds about the scale and nature of the social problems caused by difficult households. …
17th Jul 2012

Has the Census revealed 'record' population growth?

The Financial Times and the Guardian both reported yesterday that "the population of England and Wales grew over the past decade at its fastest rate in 100 years." Meanwhile the …
17th Jul 2012

Do NHS death rates rise when new junior doctors start their jobs?

Referencing a previous article published in June, the Daily Mail today reported a worrying rise in death rates around the time that junior doctors take up their first job in …

17th Jul 2012

Are there more than 4,250 schools in Britain without a male teacher?

With figures released this week showing record numbers of male trainee primary school teachers, do thousands of British schools still lack a male teacher?

17th Jul 2012

Is 20 plenty?

With the latest road casualty figures from the Department for Transport hot off the presses, campaigners have made no delay in drawing conclusions about whether 20 mph zones and limits …

16th Jul 2012

Are one in 10 prisoners a former soldier?

Are official estimates on the proportion of inmates from military backgrounds wide of the mark?

16th Jul 2012

Are 1,000 NHS patients a month dying due to 'basic errors'?

With the sound of the recent coroner's ruling on the death of 22 year-old Kane Gorey still ringing in the public ear, the Independent reported that the neglect at the …
13th Jul 2012

How many disadvantaged young people are applying for university?

In a heated series of Commons questions this week, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg defended the Government's record on higher education, asserting that the proportion of disadvantaged young people …

13th Jul 2012

How speedily do magistrates work?

Solicitor Greg Foxsmith and Minister for Police and Criminal Justice Nick Herbert disagreed on how long it takes for a defendant to be sentenced by magistrates. Who was right - …

12th Jul 2012

Are farmers losing out on a pint of milk?

With thousands of farmers protesting at cuts to milk prices, several commentators have claimed that some farmers lose money on every litre of milk they produce. So what kind of …