12th Jul 2012

London Assembly supports better data for the capital

During May's London Mayoral election, Full Fact pushed all the candidates to commit to providing Londoners with more reliable information by signing up to the Code of Practice for Official …
11th Jul 2012

Is the case of Baby P still driving a rise in applications to take children into care?

Reporting yesterday on the release of the General Medical Council's (GMC's) new guidance for doctors on reporting child abuse, the Guardian cited some interesting statistics on the rising number of …
11th Jul 2012

How much do pensioners' benefits cost?

After a Conservative MP close to the Prime Minister suggested that benefits for pensioners should be means-tested, we look into how much money really goes to pensioners' benefits and what …

10th Jul 2012

Do British MPs sit more often than those of most other Western parliaments?

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe hit out recently over rumours that MPs could be given a four-day week. But do British MPs sit in the House of Commons more often …

10th Jul 2012

Police bureaucracy: are front-line officers spending 85% of their time with paperwork?

Arguments about the impact of Government policy on the men and women of the police force are one of the more well-trodden beats for Home Secretary Theresa May and her …
9th Jul 2012

How will capping student visas affect the economy?

Immigration is inevitably a contentious issue, both in terms of fact-checking and policy-making. Full Fact has had to look at several immigration-related claims, and has found that publicly-available data on …
9th Jul 2012

Are eight times as many Lords over 90 than under 40?

Nick Clegg faced a harsh grilling in the House of Commons today in a much-anticipated debate over House of Lords reform. But are there really eight times as many nonagenarians …

6th Jul 2012

How long are A&E waiting times?

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and his Labour shadow Andy Burnham this week disagreed about what Accident and Emergency waiting time data was actually telling us. So what do the figures …

5th Jul 2012

Freedom of Information shows no evidence for thousands of 'never-worked' families

Earlier this year the Guardian ran an editorial attempting to debunk a 'convenient untruth' - the belief that there are potentially thousands of 'never-worked' families living on what have been …
5th Jul 2012

Have bankers displaced politicians and journalists as the least trusted profession?

MPs will today debate what form the proposed inquiry into the banking practices will take, after the recently-deposed Barclays' chief executive Bob Diamond brought a political dimension to the Libor …
4th Jul 2012

How not to report opinion polls: A guide from YouGov's Anthony Wells

This article was written by YouGov's Anthony Wells and originally published on the UK Polling Report site. He has kindly allowed us to feature it here. 1) Don't report Voodoo …
4th Jul 2012

Do nearly half of children in care live outside the local authority responsible for them?

Yesterday, it was reported by The Guardian that 45 per cent of children in care live outside the local authority that has responsibility for them. Is this accurate?

3rd Jul 2012

UK Statistics Authority announces new board members

The watchdog responsible for keeping an eye on the use of official figures - the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) - this week announced the appointment of two new Deputy Chairs. …
3rd Jul 2012

Police station closures: HMIC fills in the gaps

Readers of this morning's Daily Mail might have been alarmed to learn that a fifth of all police stations were facing closure: Full Fact afficionardos with long memories might recall …
2nd Jul 2012

Do UK teen girls top the European binge drinking league table?

Two newspapers reported this morning that British girls drank to excess more than their European counterparts. Are they right?