19th Jun 2012

Has long-term youth unemployment soared by 900 per cent in 12 years?

The TUC has claimed that long-term youth unemployment has soared by 900 per cent. Is this true?

18th Jun 2012

Are British doctors among the best paid in the world?

With the planned industrial action by doctors across the UK due to take place this Thursday, several newspapers ran stories revealing that thousands of doctors were paid more than the …

15th Jun 2012

Is the Government still overestimating job vacancies?

Yesterday Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith caused a stir with his proposals to change the way in which poverty is measured in the UK. One indicator put forward …
15th Jun 2012

Are the majority of poor children in working households?

In a week of heated debate about the measurement of child poverty, some commentators claim that, contrary to popular wisdom, the majority of poor households actually contain at least one …

14th Jun 2012

Are 500,000 jobs arriving in Jobcentres every week?

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith claimed this morning that 500,000 new jobs are being added to Jobcentres every week - a claim he also made two years ago. …

14th Jun 2012

The Prime Minister at the Leveson Inquiry: Is he right about Ministerial Standards investigations?

Does yesterday's letter mean there is no role left for the Independent Adviser on Ministers' Interests on Jeremy Hunt?

13th Jun 2012

Has there been a 'rapid and dramatic' increase in affordable homes?

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has come under fire in the last few days after hailing a "massive increase" in new affordable homes. But has he interpreted the statistics correctly?

12th Jun 2012

£38 billion defence budget black hole: filling in the gaps

Just under 4,000 armed forces personnel woke up to the news today that their services were no longer required, as the Ministry of Defence looks to curb its spending on …
12th Jun 2012

Stop and search: are black people over-represented?

Readers of the Guardian, Daily Mail and Telegraph this morning were presented with more headlines implying police bias when using stop and search powers. The Guardian and the Mail, however, …
11th Jun 2012

Are 120,000 'problem' families costing the taxpayer £9bn?

The Government has announced a £450m crackdown on a group of households said to cost the taxpayer £9bn. But who are these families, and are they quite the burden claimed?

11th Jun 2012

Are migrants less likely than UK nationals to claim benefits?

Following the announcement of controversial Government proposals on family migration laws, one columnist claims that those born abroad are in fact less likely to be claiming benefits as those born …

8th Jun 2012

Are one in five knife criminals cautioned?

The Daily Mail reports that one in five people convicted of possession of a knife or offensive weapon was cautioned in the first quarter of 2012. Is this true?

8th Jun 2012

Are most homosexuals 'indifferent' to gay marriage?

With the Home Office's 'Equal Civil Marriage' consultation set to close next week, two newspapers today reported on the latest opinion poll to probe the views of the public: Daily …
8th Jun 2012

Ministers accused of lying to the UK Statistics Authority

Last month the Morning Star ran a story accusing Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith of lying to the UK Statistics Authority, and apparently had the emails to prove …
7th Jun 2012

Do half of convicted paedophiles avoid jail?

The Sun has claimed that half of all people who are found guilty of paedophilic offences are not jailed. Is this correct?