6th Jun 2012

Are we paying for NHS staff's posh cars?

Following reports in the Sun that NHS Trusts are providing 'posh' cars to their employees - making the taxpayer liable - Full Fact investigates how sound the newspaper's evidence really …

1st Jun 2012

Is the UK's welfare system the most generous in Europe?

The Question Time panel yesterday discussed the prospect of "hordes" of Greeks moving to Britain to take advantage of our "generous" welfare system. Is this grounded in fact?

1st Jun 2012

Are police solving fewer crimes?

Today the Sun reported that the police were solving fewer crimes, and that this was the first time this trend had taken place in a decade. But is there any …

1st Jun 2012

How strong is public support for the monarchy?

With the Diamond Jubilee weekend just round the corner, there has been no shortage of opinion polls commissioned by the media to guage support the monarchy, and who they think …
1st Jun 2012

The i needs to go further in correcting nursing jobs error

Today the i newspaper published a correction to its recent front page article which overstated the number of nursing jobs that were estimated to have been cut by the Royal …
31st May 2012

Is the NHS pension scheme a drain on the taxpayer?

After members of the British Medical Association (BMA) voted to take industrial action over pay, one junior doctor claimed in the Sun that the doctors' pension scheme isn't a drain …

31st May 2012

Will fewer people die if doctors strike?

The British Medical Association's decision to pursue industrial action for the first time in over 40 years provoked a great deal of interest in this morning's papers. The Independent included …
31st May 2012

Did Labour 'fix the figures' on unemployment while in office?

Readers of the Daily Express this morning were witness to a startling accusation: "HOW LABOUR 'FIXED THE FIGURES' TO HIDE TRUE JOBLESS MISERY" Daily Express, 31 May 2012 According to …
30th May 2012

Full Fact complains to PCC over nursing jobs error

Earlier this month the Times and the i newspapers both incorrectly reported the number of nurses supposedly at risk of being cut from the NHS. The i's coverage was the …
30th May 2012

Are record numbers of teachers leaving the profession?

On Sunday the Independent reported that there was an exodus from the teaching profession as the number of teachers leaving the profession before they reached retirement age hit a record …

30th May 2012

Are cyclists to blame for road accidents?

Freshly-elected Mayor of London Boris Johnson last week claimed the majority of cyclists are implicated in their own accidents - specifically those leading to serious injury or death. Is there …

29th May 2012

Have alcohol-related hospital admissions quadrupled in Scotland?

Scottish Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made the claim that increasing alcohol affordability has seen increasing admissions to hospital related to alcohol use. Is she correct?

29th May 2012

Are 10% of the world's crops genetically modified?

During a Channel 4 News panel segment, it was claimed that ten per cent of the world's crops are now genetically modified. Is this true, and can this figure be …

29th May 2012

Boris Johnson still giving mixed messages on trustworthy statistics

Last week former Green mayoral candidate Jenny Jones pressed the Mayor during Mayor's Questions to sign up to trustworthy statistics for London: "Following calls from Full Fact during the election …
28th May 2012

The Royal Family: Are we getting our money's worth?

In the lead up to the Diamond Jubilee royal sentiment is certainly high. But how much is the Royal Family worth?