24th May 2012

Do politicians interfere with crime statistics?

Peter Hitchens advised listeners to this morning's Today Programme to mistrust crime statistics. Might that be good advice?

23rd May 2012

Prisoner voting: what does European Court's judgment mean for the UK?

On Tuesday, the grand chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) added another judgment to the prisoner voting saga, promting anger from many of the morning's papers. Anyone …
22nd May 2012

Evening Standard incorrectly reports a drop in the cost of living

Today's Evening Standard carries a very misleading headline. Reporting on the fall in the CPI rate of inflation from 3.5 per cent to 3 per cent, the paper's headline claimed …
22nd May 2012

Is there no link between police numbers and crime levels?

This week in the House of Commons Policing Minister Nick Herbert was asked for his assessment of the effect of the change in police numbers on the level of crime …
22nd May 2012

Have 1 in 5 households really never worked?

Labour MP Frank Field has claimed that one in five unemployed households contain a member who has never had a job. He has also claimed that one in five households …

22nd May 2012

Does alcohol cause 1 in 8 deaths before retirement?

Many newspapers and websites reported last week that one in eight deaths of UK adults under the age of 65 were caused by alcohol. The Mail, for example, claimed that …
21st May 2012

Are councils owed £465 million in residential care fees?

The Times reports that councils are owed £465 million in residential care fees. Are the figures in the article accurate, and does it matter?

21st May 2012

Does immigration cost British workers jobs?

Newsnight last week considered the impact of immigration on the number of jobs going for young people. But are rising youth unemployment and increasing numbers of foreign born workers in …

17th May 2012

Is an illegal immigrant reported to the authorities every six minutes?

According to several papers today a new 'hotline' for the public to report suspicions about illegal immigrants has been flooded with calls, with one allegation made every six minutes. Is …

17th May 2012

Did Labour lift one million households out of fuel poverty?

The Energy Secretary and his Shadow debated the Government's plans for tackling fuel poverty yesterday. But is Labour's Caroline Flint "not living in the real world" for thinking that the …

17th May 2012

Metro corrects nursing job cuts error

Earlier this week Full Fact pointed out that the Metro, Times and i newspapers had all misreported the Royal College of Nursing's report on cuts to nursing jobs. Today, the …
16th May 2012

What's behind higher rates of sick leave in the public sector?

According to the media, public sector workers are 60% more likely to be absent from work due to illness than those in the private sector. Is there 'no reason' for …

16th May 2012

Does UK Trade and Investment generate £19 for every £1 spent?

Lord Digby Jones says that UK Trade and Investment generates £19 for every £1 of taxpayers money spent, but is this true?

15th May 2012

Are 9 out of 10 people claiming benefits in parts of Scotland?

Businessman Sir Tom Hunter sparked a debate about the 'benefits culture' north of the border over the weekend, when he claimed in his Sunday Times column that the Scottish welfare …
15th May 2012

Has reporting of Special Educational Needs improved?

Today the Government announced that families are to be given 'personal budgets' for their children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The reforms are also expected to reduce the number of …