18th Apr 2011

AV Referendum: could third placed candidates end up winning?

The Prime Minister today joined forces with old adversary John Reid to recommend that Britons reject the AV system in three weeks time. But how sound is his claim that …

15th Apr 2011

Do UK immigrant workers have higher average earnings than UK born workers?

Chris Huhne this week on Question Time claimed it was a surprising reality that non-UK born workers have higher average earnings than UK-born workers. Was he right?

14th Apr 2011

AV Referendum: did AV cause turnout to fall in Australian elections?

Former England cricket captain David Gower today came in to bat for No2AV today, using a column in the Sun to claim that the Australian example should caution against its …

14th Apr 2011

David Cameron immigration speech: Assessing the PM's figures

Making the case for Government policy on immigration this morning, David Cameron gave a speech using an array of immigration statistics. Were all of them accurate?

13th Apr 2011

AV Referendum: do only three countries use AV?

The claim that worldwide only Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea use AV has been used by prominent 'No' campaigners for some time. But is it actually accurate?

12th Apr 2011

Did the South create ten times as many private sector jobs has the North?

The Prime Minister claimed yesterday that the south of England had seen ten times as many jobs created under Labour than there were in the north of the country. Is …

11th Apr 2011

Full Fact works: The Sun corrects inaccurate story

Back in February, Full Fact alerted four national newspapers to inaccuracies in their reports which claimed that life expectancy in one South Wales estate was lower than "earthquake-hit Haiti or …
11th Apr 2011

Is wind power in the UK struggling to blow?

The Express and Daily Mail last week reported that UK wind power is failing to perform; citing research commissioned by the John Muir Trust. Full Fact looked further into the …

8th Apr 2011

Daily Mail confusion between Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit corrected

The start of this week saw the Government begin the process of sending out letters to those claiming Incapacity Benefit, inviting them to a reassessment of their capability to work. …
7th Apr 2011

Does AV lead to more spoiled ballots?

Changing the voting system we use to elect our MPs could increase the risk of voters failing to understand the system, and inadvertently returning invalid ballots, or so some of …
5th Apr 2011

Will extremist parties get more representation under AV or FPTP?

This week saw a spat between the YES and NO campaigns over whether AV or First Past the Post (FPTP) will lead to more representation in parliament for extremist parties, …
5th Apr 2011

Does AV lead to more representative governments?

AV has been put forward in this referendum as an electoral system that creates a fairer outcome at elections. Campaigners say that under AV people's votes are better represented in …
5th Apr 2011

Would AV lead to more coalition governments?

During the current referendum debate, NO campaigners have argued that AV would lead to more coalition governments. However, the YES campaign have argued that First Past the Post (FPTP) leads …
5th Apr 2011

Explaining the AV electoral system

Overview On 5th of May 2011 a UK wide referendum will ask voters: 'Do you want the United Kingdom to adopt the 'alternative vote' system instead of the current 'first …
5th Apr 2011

Does AV have a stronger constituency link than FPTP?

A big advantage of the current First Past the Post (FPTP) system is seen to be the direct connection that MPs have to the people in the constituencies that elect …