5th Apr 2011

How many seats are 'safe' and how many votes 'count' under First Past the Post?

The YES campaign have criticised the First Past the Post electoral system, saying that it results in only a minority of voters having an impact on the national outcome of …
5th Apr 2011

AV data and research sources

British Academy report: 'Choosing an Electoral System': The British Academy is the official UK body for academics in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which produces data and research in these …
5th Apr 2011

Would tactical voting end under AV?

Campaigners for a YES vote in the referendum argue that voters would no longer need to vote tactically for candidates in elections. 'Yes to fairer votes': "AV simply eliminates the …
5th Apr 2011

Do some people's votes count more than once under AV?

The central change that an AV electoral system would introduce is the possibility for voters to rank the candidates on a ballot in preference order. It is this change that …
5th Apr 2011

Does a candidate need more than 50 per cent of the vote to win under AV?

The YES campaign says that a big advantage of the AV system is that MPs have to gain the support of more than half of voters in their constituency. Jonathan …
1st Apr 2011

Speed cameras: do they cause fewer accidents and road deaths?

Thames Valley Police today announced their decision to switch back on their array of speed cameras in Oxfordshire, citing as their reason "an increase in fatalities and the number of …
31st Mar 2011

Welfare Reform Bill: were crisis loans increasing before the recession?

Full Fact's Freedom of Information request has shed some light on a dispute between Iain Duncan Smith and an SNP MP during the Welfare Reform Bill debate.

28th Mar 2011

Budget 2011: how do Labour and Coalition spending plans match up?

Labour's Peter Hain yesterday told Sky News that there was a £40 billion difference between the cuts proposed by his party and those pursued by the Government. Is he right?

24th Mar 2011

What was the confusion at PMQ's over Disability Living Allowance mobility component?

During Prime Minister Questions this week, Ed Miliband said that the mobility component of DLA is being removed by the Government. David Cameron said it is not. Who is right?

21st Mar 2011

Have house prices hit a ten month high?

An improving housing market has seen average asking prices hit a ten month high, according to the Daily Express. Unfortunately for property owners, this isn't quite what the figures said.

17th Mar 2011

Defence budget: Shedding light on the £38 billion black hole

It has been widely reported for a number of months that there is a £38 billion 'black hole' in the defence budget. When the number was dismissed as "ludicrous" last …

17th Mar 2011

Will the 'bonfire of the Quangos' save taxpayers £30 billion over the current parliament?

The impact of the Government's 'bonfire of the quangos' on the public purse has been hotly contested in recent months. In January the Public Administration Select Committee suggested that in …
16th Mar 2011

Mayor's transport crime briefing risks "damaging public trust" in statistics, watchdog warns

The UK Statistics Authority has written to London Mayor Boris Johnson to criticise his use of transport crime figures, after Full Fact pointed out that they were being used in …
10th Mar 2011

Welfare Reform Bill Second Reading: the facts

For the past couple of weeks, Full Fact has been running a campaign to ensure that inaccuracies that we've spotted in the press on welfare and benefit stories don't find …
9th Mar 2011

SEN Green Paper correctly reported, thanks to Full Fact

We are pleased finally to be able to report that the Daily Mail has corrected the record on its reporting of how many children are misdiagnosed with Special Educational Needs …