26th Apr 2010

Labour's social housing record

With long waiting lists for social housing, are the Conservatives right to claim that the building of new affordable homes has been lower under Labour?

7th Apr 2010

The civil service: the Government's record

Union leader Mark Serwotka has accused the Government of presiding over huge job losses in the civil service. Full Fact's investigation suggests this was an exaggeration. Civil service numbers have …

6th Apr 2010

Government advertising

Reports have accused the Government of trying to influence the election by increasing spending on advertising. But how many of these adverts are as "highly political" as is claimed?

6th Apr 2010

Political party funding — the lobbyists' loophole?

The recent controversy involving MPs offering influence in return for cash from lobbying firms has been dubbed by some commentators as "bigger news" than the expenses scandal that rocked Parliament …
18th Mar 2010

Party funding: an imagined consensus?

In Prime Minister's Question Time yesterday Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg accused both Labour and the Conservatives of being guilty of blocking a deal on political party funding. Mr Clegg …
8th Mar 2010

"Health warning" on PCS claims over civil service pay gap

With the civil service out on strike, the dispute has unsurprisingly boiled down to claim and counter claim between the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) and the Government. Beyond …
3rd Mar 2010

Convictions on the DNA database?

In a major speech on crime Gordon Brown again made the claim that the DNA database plays a significant role in solving crimes. It is a contentious political issue, with …
18th Feb 2010

Lobbying: A scandal unknown?

David Cameron last week called political lobbying "the next big scandal waiting to happen". In a major speech on transparency in politics he said "secret corporate lobbying, like the expenses …
17th Feb 2010

Immigration figures: Councils vs the ONS

Immigration was back in the news today, as a group of councils disputed offical figures regarding the effect of immigration on local population levels. Yesterday, the FT reported warnings by …
10th Feb 2010

The Tories, death and taxes

The Tories' latest campaign attack poster has ruffled a few Labour feathers. The advert, which centres on a claim that Labour will introduce a £20,000 inheritance tax rate to pay …
8th Feb 2010

British democracy: who has a voice?

Did you know that Britain's entire prison population - over 90,000 people - does not have the right to vote? Britain has a blanket ban on prisoners voting in elections. …
4th Feb 2010

Legg passes judgement on expenses

Sir Thomas Legg today published his long awaited audit of MPs expenses claims. Here is FullFact's 10 point guide to the report. 1. Overall, 390 MPs have been asked to …
1st Feb 2010

Free personal care - at what price?

The Labour Government has committed to introducing free personal care at home for those in highest need. Announced in Gordon Brown's party conference speech, it is at the centre of …
28th Jan 2010

New controversy in battle over the future of climate politics

Climate change controversy increased today as a climate research unit was found to have breached Freedom of Information rules in the withholding of data. The Information Commissioner's ruling said requests …
26th Jan 2010

Trust and engagement in British politics continues decline

The British Social Attitudes survey today reported on the decline in a sense civic duty in Britain. Ahead of the General Election, the declining number of those who feel it …