Aldi is not giving away free boxes of food to users who like Facebook posts

9 December 2022
What was claimed

Aldi is offering free boxes of food for those sharing and commenting on a Facebook post.

Our verdict

These offers have not been shared by the verified Aldi Facebook page and Aldi confirmed the page sharing the offers is not official.

A Facebook account claiming to belong to the supermarket chain Aldi promises free food packages for users who share or comment on their posts.

However, the posts have been shared by an account named “ALDI Stores” which Aldi confirmed to Full Fact was not the real Aldi Facebook account. The offers have not been shared by the verified Aldi Facebook page.

One of the posts, shared on 4 December, reads: “We want to help out this Christmas as we know the cost of living had made times tough for a lot of people who we're sending everyone who $hares & ¢omments before the 20th a free bag of Christmas essentials for your perfect dinner (Delivery will be made within 10 days of Christmas day) [sic].”

Another, shared on 7 December, reads: “Here at Aldi thousands of items that expire soon, normally all the items would all be thrown away however we want to start doing things a little different [sic] as we know times are tough and people are struggling. 

“Instead of it all going to waste we'll be packing it into boxes and sending everyone who $hares & ¢omments in the next 7 days a box of food worth up to £35 which will be delivered next working day [sic].”

We’ve previously written about fake giveaways and other offers circulating on Facebook as part of our work fact checking online misinformation.

Image courtesy of Marques Thomas

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