Argos is not selling MacBook Pros for £1

28 September 2023
What was claimed

The retailer Argos is selling MacBook Pro laptops for £1.

Our verdict

This is not a genuine Argos offer.

A post on Facebook falsely claims that the retailer Argos is selling MacBook Pro laptops for just £1. 

The text of the post reads: “New laptop for only £1. Need to get rid of laptops that have been in stock for over a year. The store doesn’t want to pay the cost of next quarter’s returns and is selling the leftovers for only £1. Online only. Click on the ad and go to the website to order.” 

The text accompanies a photo depicting a stack of MacBook Pro laptops, alongside a sign featuring the Argos logo and the words “Macbook Pro 2022 £1”. 

A spokesperson for Argos confirmed to Full Fact that this is not a genuine Argos offer, and that “genuine Argos offers will only be available on our official Argos website”. 

The Facebook post features a ‘shop now’ link to a website which at first glance appears to be the Argos website, featuring red and white Argos logos in a number of places. 

However, there are several clues that this isn’t the real Argos website. The URL, or website address, does not match that of the official Argos website. The navigation menu also isn’t clickable, and the page asks visitors to complete a short survey, much like fake Argos links we’ve seen in other Facebook posts

Posts offering fake deals are very common on Facebook. We have fact checked them many times before, with recent examples including supposed offers for air fryers, mattresses and Playstations which, despite claims to the contrary, were nothing to do with Argos. 

It is always worth checking posts sharing offers that seem too good to be true. One way to verify this is to see whether the offer has been shared by the company’s official page—this will often have more followers, a verified blue tick on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and a longer post history.

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