Michael Kors is not offering handbags for £3

29 September 2023
What was claimed

Michael Kors is sellings its handbags for £3

Our verdict

False. The company said no such offer is available.

A post on Facebook falsely claims that fashion brand Michael Kors is offering customers the chance to buy its handbags for just £3. 

The post says: “Michael Kors is having serious storage issues this month, so they're offering the rest of the bags for £3. Click "Apply" to take advantage of the special price now.”

It is accompanied by a photograph of a Michael Kors handbag on display with a tag indicating the purchase price is £3. However, the same image appears online without the price tag, suggesting the photograph has been edited. 

The Facebook post includes an “Apply Now” button, which led us to a review of home purifiers and contained no reference to any Michael Kors offer.

A spokesperson for Michael Kors told Full Fact that the offer was not a genuine one from the company, when we asked about a similar post that has since been deleted. 

It is always worth checking posts sharing offers that seem too good to be true. We have previously fact checked other fake deals including supposed offers for air fryers, e-scooters and Playstations

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