Images of girl confronting soldier are not from Ukraine

28 February 2022
What was claimed

Images show a young Ukrainian girl telling a Russian soldier to go home.

Our verdict

False. The images come from a video that was published in 2012. It says it shows Palestinian children.

A post falsely claiming to show a young Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier has been shared on Facebook. 

The post includes two screenshots of a video where a girl can be seen talking to a soldier, alongside the caption: “Young Ukraine [sic] girl confronts a Russian Soldier and tells him to go back to Russia.” 

But these images are not from Ukraine. They are taken from a video published more than nine years ago on YouTube, which says it shows a Palestinian girl. 

We’ve seen a large number of posts falsely claiming to show events in Ukraine, following the Russian invasion on 24 February. 

For more information on how to check misleading videos yourself, find our updated guide here

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