Conservative party misleadingly edit video of Jess Phillips

22 November 2019

The Conservative party has shared an edited video of Jess Phillips that made it appear as if she said Labour couldn’t deliver the promises in its 2019 manifesto, on the day of the manifesto launch. 

In fact, the video is from October 2019, although rebroadcast on the day of the 2019 manifesto launch by Good Morning Britain and Ms Phillips was talking about manifestos in general.

The Conservative party deleted the tweet and replaced it with one making the timeline of the clip clearer.

Ms Phillips appeared on Good Morning Britain on 3rd October 2019 to talk about her book and receiving abuse as an MP. During the interview, she was asked by host Susanna Reid: “If you are going to stand on a party manifesto that makes promises, the electorate want you to keep to those promises don’t they?” 

Ms Phillips says her constituents have never challenged her on manifesto promises, to which Reid replies, “So should we take no notice of manifestos?”

Ms Phillips says that there is an argument in saying that politicians can never ever deliver “all those things that you’re pretending you can deliver” in their party manifestos.

It appears Ms Phillips was speaking generally about manifestos, and not about the 2019 Labour manifesto. 

However, when the Conservative party press Twitter account initially shared the video on the day of the Labour manifesto launch (21st November) it added a date stamp saying incorrectly that Ms Phillips was speaking that day and saying what “will happen this time” putting her comments in the context of the 2019 manifesto promises. 

CCHQ deleted the edited video and reshared with the clip dated to October 2019. 

The clip was also posted by the Conservatives official twitter account (not its press account), again misleadingly suggesting Ms Phillips was talking about Labour’s 2019 manifesto specifically, albeit with the correct date.

Ms Phillips has said in a number of tweets that the edited video is not an accurate representation of her views.

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