Irish border: how much trade?

We look at the volume of trade across the Irish border.

Do EU rules prevent safer lorries?

Lorry design specifications are set by the EU, but the UK initially opposed its plans to allow safer lorries on the road.

Lorries at Dover

The Port of Dover has previously said that between 1% and 3% of lorries arriving at Dover are not from the EU, but we haven’t been able to confirm the ...

Does the EU say it's safe to eat chicken rinsed in chlorine?

The EU's food standards arm says there are "no safety concerns" with the process of washing chicken with chlorine, but has raised other concerns about hygiene.

Are we all getting 14 weeks holiday?

A graph in the Brexit white paper got the number of weeks UK law gives workers in annual holiday and EU law gives workers in paid maternity leave round the ...

Ask Full Fact: British steel and EU rules

EU regulations do prevent some government actions to support the steel industry, but there are other actions the government can take.

Ask Full Fact: quick answers to your questions

We've provided sources and answers to some more of your EU questions.

Bees, neonicotinoids and the EU

We've checked the impact leaving the EU would have on neonicotinoid restrictions. Leaving would mean we’re no longer covered by these restrictions.

First they came for the vacuum cleaners: will it be kettles next?

Following the introduction of new EU laws on the power consumption of vacuum cleaners, it was speculated that hairdryers and lawn mowers might be next in line.

EU facts behind the claims: regulation and the single market

In partnership with experts at the UK in a Changing Europe project, we've taken a look at the facts behind the claims on the cost of EU regulation.

The EU, the Gherkin and 'freedom of panorama'

Restrictions on 'freedom of panorama' - reproducing images of public buildings and art - have been proposed in an EU committee, but are a long way from law.

The EU, homeopathy and Norwegian vets

"EU orders Britain's organic farmers to treat sick animals with homeopathy"—Daily Telegraph, 24 April 2015 For better or worse, homeopathic remedies are certainly promoted in EU organic food standards. But ...

Kettles are still not about to be banned by the EU

"Now kettles face EU ban" according to the front page of today's Express. The article itself was more equivocal, saying the EU executive had commissioned a report which "sets out ...

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