Facebook offer of free sausage roll and drink at Greggs is not genuine

27 January 2023
What was claimed

Facebook users can get a free sausage roll and hot drink from Greggs in return for shares and comments on a post.

Our verdict

Greggs has confirmed this is not a genuine offer.

A post on Facebook falsely claiming that social media users can get a free hot drink and sausage roll from Greggs “for nothing” has been shared hundreds of times. 

The full post says: “Get a Sausage Roll & Drink at Greggs FOR NOTHING. Here at Greggs we wanted to show you all we care by doing something special to start off 2023 as we know times have been tough for a lot of people so we will be rewarding everyone who $hares & ¢omments [sic] in the next 24 hours with a 𝐹𝑅𝐸𝐸 Sausage Roll + Drink which can be picked up at any Greggs.”

But this is not a genuine offer. A spokesperson for Greggs told us it is fake, and there are also other indications that all might not be quite as it seems. 

The first clue is that the “Greggs Fans” page it appears on was only set up in November 2022, and only two posts appear to have been shared to the page since. 

The second is that the text includes incorrect spelling and stylised fonts, which is something we often see when fact checking similar fake offers. 

This style of post is very popular on Facebook, and we have fact checked many social media posts claiming to be affiliated with major brands such as Argos, Wetherspoons, Currys and Cadbury in the past.   

Image courtesy of Oast House Archive

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