Police find ‘no criminality’ after reports of ‘child snatching’ in Lanarkshire

20 March 2023
What was claimed

There have been three recent incidents of attempted kidnapping of children in the Wishaw area of Lanarkshire.

Our verdict

Local police have investigated these reports and found “no criminality”.

A post on Facebook, shared more than 2,000 times, claims that there have been three attempted incidents of “child snatching” in the Wishaw area of Lanarkshire. 

The full post states: “3 attempts of child snatching in [the] past 3 days. 1st one cambusnethan  2nd one coltness 3rd one 2night newmians [sic].

“BLACK VAN AND SEVERAL PEOPLE ALL IN BLACK. do NOT let you little ones out alone. Please let's not only keep our own kids safe but be alert and keep a look out for all children.”

However, Police Scotland have since confirmed that officers have investigated these reports, across three different locations, and found “no criminality”.

In a statement published on Facebook, Lanarkshire Police Division local area commander Chief Inspector Baillie said: “We are aware of posts circulating on social media in relation to two separate incidents of youths being approached by men in black vehicles in the Wishaw area. 

“A full investigation was carried in to [sic] both incidents and no criminality was established. Advice and guidance has been given to those involved on each occasion.”

Although the Facebook post refers to three incidents, the police statement adds: “No further reports have made [sic] to police about similar incidents in and around the Wishaw area.”

Image courtesy of Richard Bell

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