Dominic Cummings’ sister is not director of company that runs the NHS track and trace app

27 May 2020
What was claimed

Dominic Cummings’ sister, Alice Cummings, is director of Idox group, which runs the new NHS track and trace and trace app and was involved in the UK’s postal voting system.

Our verdict

The Alice Cummings who is director at Idox is not his sister. The company Idox has been involved with postal voting, but has nothing to do with the NHS’ track and trace app.

We have seen multiple posts on Twitter and Facebook claiming that Dominic Cummings has a sister called Alice Cummings, who is a director at a company that runs the new track and trace app and was involved in the UK’s postal vote system.

This is not correct.

There is an Alice Cummings listed as a company director at Idox PLC, but she is not Dominic Cummings’ sister and her company is not involved in the track and trace app. 

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Who is the woman the posts are talking about?

As some have pointed out on Twitter (and we have verified using, the woman referred to is not one of his sisters, and seems to have married someone with the surname Cummings in 1991, before taking that name. Her maiden name was Banks. The woman pictured in some of the Facebook posts is this Alice Cummings.

Idox PLC and Idox Trustees Limited both list her as a director, appointed on 14 April 2020. She previously worked for a healthcare services group.

The company confirmed to us that Alice Cummings is of “no known relation to Dominic Cummings.”

What does this company do?

Idox told us it is not in any way involved with the government’s track and trace app. It has helped NHS hospitals establish software for booking Covid-19 tests.

Idox told us it was one of three companies that provides election software to local authorities in the UK. It has previously provided postal vote services for English local elections, by-elections and printing for other elections.

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