Police cars are exempt from having an MOT

23 February 2022
What was claimed

This police car’s MOT certificate is overdue.

Our verdict

That’s what the government’s checking service says. It also says that police cars are exempt from the MOT.

A widely shared Facebook post contains a screenshot showing that a police car’s MOT certificate is “overdue”.

This is an accurate reflection of what you’ll see, at the time of writing, if you search for the car’s registration number on the government’s MOT checking service.

It does not mean that the car is in breach of the rules, however, because police vehicles are exempt from MOT.

The screenshot contains a note saying “This vehicle may be MOT exempt” with a link to MOT exemption guidance. This guidance gives a list of exempt vehicle categories, which includes a “vehicle provided for police purposes and maintained in an approved workshop”.

We have written about similar posts twice before.

Photo by Ashley Harkness on Unsplash

We deserve better than bad information.

After we published this fact check, we contacted the DVSA to suggest they make it clearer on their website that police vehicles are exempt from MOT.

The DVSA did not send us a substantive response.

It’s not good enough.

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