'Storm Eunice video' supposedly showing crane fall in Portsmouth is actually from Poland

18 February 2022
What was claimed

A video shows Storm Eunice had arrived early in Portsmouth.

Our verdict

The video was taken in Poland during a different storm.

A video on Facebook claiming to show a violent storm and a crane falling in Fratton, in Portsmouth, has almost 1,000 shares.

The video was not taken in the UK.

It was most likely filmed in Krakow, Poland. The video shows a lot of rubbish swirling around in high winds, before part of a crane appears to fall down and the person recording can be heard gasping.

Longer versions of the video on YouTube claim that the video was taken in Poland on 17 February, as does an article in The Independent

On that date a crane fell in a Krakow construction site, killing two people. Some of the Polish news coverage uses the Facebook video in its coverage of the tragedy.

Another video of the incident published by a local news site shows it happening from a different angle, and the buildings do appear to match.

There have been no news reports of a crane collapse in Fratton during Storm Eunice.

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