24th May 2016

Early mornings for EU factchecking

We've been on LBC radio and Good Morning Britain in the past week, talking about EU factchecking and immigration Read more

17th May 2016

Full Fact's first Wikipedia edit-a-thon

The Full Fact team and some keen volunteers spent their Saturday improving Wikipedia's most-read pages on the EU Read more

12th May 2016

Full Fact at News Impact Summit, London

Full Fact spoke at the News Impact Summit, hosted by the European Journalism Centre and Google News Lab Read more

9th May 2016

The government's EU leaflet, factchecked (on air)

Full Fact Director Will Moy spoke to Juliette Foster about our launch today of the government's EU leaflet Read more

5th May 2016

Civil Service World

Full Fact Director Will Moy talks to Civil Service World about official statistics and how we get corrections. Read more

21st Apr 2016

UK Statistics Authority calls £350m EU membership fee claim "potentially misleading"

UK's statistics watchdog says Vote Leave's use of £350m per week EU membership fee is "potentially misleading" if you leave out the caveat that we get a rebate. Read more

19th Apr 2016

EU Wikipedia edit-a-thon

Help us make sure Wikipedia has the facts! Volunteer for our edit-a-thon on Saturday 14 May at Newspeak House. We’re inviting both new and experienced editors to help makes sure ... Read more

18th Apr 2016

Five questions about the Treasury model

We've got five questions about the model the Treasury has used for its much-publicised EU analysis announced today. Read more

1st Apr 2016

April Fool's Day, factchecked?

April Fool’s Day is a factchecker's nightmare. Read more

25th Mar 2016

Full Fact on air and at work on Good Friday

Full Fact's at work on today, appearing on the Today Programme and getting ready for the EU referendum campaign. Read more

21st Mar 2016

What do you want to know about the EU?

Full Fact provides a resource to those who want impartial facts about the EU referendum. But it also provides a window on what people are interested in. So one month ... Read more

11th Mar 2016

Factchecking the Energy Bill

We've factchecked claims about the Energy Bill ahead of third reading in the Commons. Read more