22nd Feb 2018

For the love of statistics: Full Fact welcomes new Code of Practice

A new Code of Practice for accurate and accessible statistics Read more

14th Feb 2018

Customising annotation tools for factchecking at scale

Here's how we customised Prodigy, an annotation tool, to collect 25,000+ annotations from 90 amazing volunteers, in aid of our automated factchecking project. Read more

9th Feb 2018

Bank of England aims at the general public, and scores

The Bank of England's new visual summary is aimed squarely at an everyday audience. There are bite-sized pieces of information, no jargon, and the sentences are short. Read more

16th Jan 2018

Full Fact comment on latest EU membership fee claim

The UK is lucky to have independent statistics. It’s not a permanent state of affairs. Read more

15th Jan 2018

Why we need to stop saying ‘fake news’

The term is too vague to be useful and has been weaponised by politicians. Read more

12th Jan 2018

After the fact – Jeremy Hunt vs Ralf Little

What we've done to make sure that public debate on mental health is accurate and transparent. Read more

20th Dec 2017

2017: factchecked

Here's what we got up to in the last 12 months. Read more

30th Nov 2017

Freedom of Information: slow and effective but can't keep up with elections

Freedom of Information is slow and steady - but not fast enough to be useful during elections. Read more

1st Nov 2017

How we live-factcheck Prime Minister’s Questions

It’s 12 o’clock. It’s Wednesday. It’s time for Prime Minister’s Questions. Read more

31st Oct 2017

Full Fact talks automated factchecking on BBC Click

We showcased our automated factchecking tools including a prototype speech-to-text factcheck function. Read more

19th Oct 2017

Help us improve: take our 10 minute survey

Take our 10 minute survey and you could win one of two £50 high street vouchers. Read more

22nd Sep 2017

Facebook moves against secretive political advertising—beating MPs to the punch

How much good this announcement does will depend on the details. Read more