18th May 2017

Is that actually true?

Attempting to combine fact-checking and verification for #GE17 Read more

12th May 2017

Why has the predatory bird monitoring scheme gone to ground during the election?

The Cabinet Secretary responds to Full Fact about pre-election rules that stop voters getting information we pay for. Read more

12th May 2017

General Election update: four weeks out

This is the moment we've been working hard to prepare for, bringing in more team members to do research into the big election issues, and working with expert partners so ... Read more

10th May 2017

Full Fact is factchecking the general election 2017

We’re Full Fact the UK’s independent, non-partisan, factchecking charity and with your help we're going to factcheck the General Election 2017. Read more

10th May 2017

Full Fact appear on the Partly Political Broadcast podcast

Weird searches, and how to find a fact. Read more

20th Apr 2017

Full Fact calls for better election rules

Voters should not have to fly blind with limited access to public information. Read more

7th Apr 2017

Factchecks are now featured in Google Search

Factchecks from Full Fact and others will now be prominently featured in Google Search for the first time. Read more

15th Mar 2017

Full Fact looks ahead: what information are we going to need in future?

Public debate without a good information supply is a breeding ground for fudged, cherry picked or made up numbers. Read more

9th Mar 2017

Why should we believe you? The problem with unpublished evidence

We tried to factcheck a claim in a press release, but the report hadn't been published. Read more

8th Mar 2017

International Women’s Day: Charting women’s progress

The House of Commons Library sets out the progress made by women in public life in the UK since the creation of International Women's Day in 1911. Read more

24th Feb 2017

Factcheckers take on fake news: our week on the air waves

Full Fact has been shuttling between London and Salford this week, getting the word out on how to tackle fake news. Here's how we got on. Read more

17th Feb 2017

Three ways to tackle post-truth politics

Last year Oxford Dictionaries named ‘post-truth’ as 2016’s word of the year. Here are three ways to tackle it. Read more