31st May 2017

BBC Wales Debate: Factchecked

Last night from 8:30pm Full Fact were hard at work factchecking the BBC Wales leaders’ debate, hosted by Huw Edwards. Read more

30th May 2017

How we're using Facebook advertising during the 2017 election

We are explaining how we plan to approach Facebook advertising during this election. Read more

30th May 2017

The Big Debate: Factchecked

Yesterday morning at 9:00am Victoria Derbyshire hosted ‘The Big Debate’, kicking off this week’s election coverage and as always Full Fact were ready and waiting to live factcheck the claims ... Read more

30th May 2017

The Battle for Number 10: Factchecked

Last night the Full Fact team were at it again, live factchecking the ‘May vs. Corbyn’ interviews by Sky News and Channel 4. Read more

27th May 2017

#GE17 and The Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation has awarded Full Fact £40,000 to ensure public debate in the run-up to the General Election is informed by independent and rigorous evidence. Read more

23rd May 2017

Automated Factchecking at PyData Conference 2017

Will and Mevan were at Bloomberg, speaking about automated factchecking at the 2017 PyData London conference. Read more

19th May 2017

ITV Debate: Factchecked

We factchecked the claims from five party leaders in the first national TV debate. Read more

18th May 2017

Is that actually true?

Attempting to combine fact-checking and verification for #GE17 Read more

12th May 2017

Why has the predatory bird monitoring scheme gone to ground during the election?

The Cabinet Secretary responds to Full Fact about pre-election rules that stop voters getting information we pay for. Read more

12th May 2017

General Election update: four weeks out

This is the moment we've been working hard to prepare for, bringing in more team members to do research into the big election issues, and working with expert partners so ... Read more

10th May 2017

Full Fact is factchecking the general election 2017

We’re Full Fact the UK’s independent, non-partisan, factchecking charity and with your help we're going to factcheck the General Election 2017. Read more

10th May 2017

Full Fact appear on the Partly Political Broadcast podcast

Weird searches, and how to find a fact. Read more