How many international students leave after studying in the UK?

There aren’t official figures to prove how many international students return home after their studies, and the available evidence which might give an indication is contradictory.

Why do immigrants come to the UK?

This briefing looks at levels of migration to the UK, how the UK compares to other EU countries, and evidence on what factors drive immigration to the UK.

What’s happened to migration since 2010?

The Conservative manifesto restated the government's commitment to get net migration down to the tens of thousands. But what's been happening to net migration in recent years?

Conservative Manifesto: Immigration trends

We've factchecked claims from Theresa May's speech at the Conservative party manifesto launch.

The net migration target and the 2017 election

Since 2010, the centrepiece of UK migration policy has been the net migration target, which aims to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands.

Too soon to say if EU referendum has led to genuine falls in immigration

You need to tread carefully when drawing conclusions about today's headlines.

Net migration equals a city the size of Cardiff

Net migration in the UK was 327,000 in the year to March, roughly a city the size of Cardiff or Wakefield. It’s not at this level every year, but has …

Net migration: still at record high and trend flat

Net migration estimates show a continuation of recent trends, with the change over last year almost five times smaller than the margin for error.

The government's immigration target: does EU immigration matter?

The Prime Minister claims that EU and British net migration was in balance as recently as 2008, but the figures themselves can't prove this.

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