EU immigration to the UK

How many EU immigrants come to the UK, how many leave, and what effect has Brexit had?

Here’s why Migration Watch got their study on post-Brexit immigration wrong

Migration Watch has withdrawn a study into post-Brexit immigration levels due to accuracy concerns.

What does the latest Brexit deal mean for immigration?

Free movement of people between the UK and EU is set to end in 2021, if parliament approves the negotiated withdrawal agreement.

Who can stay in the UK after Brexit?

Citizens of other EU countries resident in the UK by the end of 2020 will be able to apply to stay permanently.

UK citizens getting citizenship of another EU country

The number of UK nationals getting citizenship of another EU country doubled between 2015 and 2016.

Brits abroad: how many people from the UK live in other EU countries?

Around 1.3 million British-born people live in other EU countries, according to United Nations figures.

How much is the UK spending on security at Calais?

The UK and France have cooperated on border controls around French ports for years. How much do we spend on doing so?

How difficult is it for EU nationals to apply for residence rights in the UK?

Growing numbers of EU nationals have been applying for permanent residence status in the UK.

EU staff at Great Ormond Street hospital

23% of doctors and 17% of all doctors and nurses at Great Ormond Street hospital reported they were from the EU in 2015.

Brexit: which EU citizens will have the right to stay in the UK?

A high proportion of EU citizens in the UK are likely to be entitled to a special status under EU law by the time of Brexit, but it depends on ...

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