The government's immigration target: only achievable outside the EU?

The government can't guarantee meeting its net migration target if the UK remains in the EU, it depends on EU citizens choosing not to come to the UK.

2 June's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've checked the panel's claims on immigration, the EU accounts, economists’ views on leaving the EU, and the government’s house building record.

Is Turkey likely to join the EU?

The dispute over Cyprus, human rights concerns and political opposition mean that candidate country Turkey isn't likely to join the EU any time soon.

The Great Intelligence Squared Brexit debate, factchecked

We checked the panel's claims on the EU budget, immigration and how laws are made.

19 May's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We factchecked the panel's claims on the cost and benefits of the EU, non-British workers in the UK, free movement and reoffending.

EU immigration to the UK: what the National Insurance numbers reveal

A new analysis by statisticians tries to explain the gap between our immigration estimates and NI numbers issued to EU nationals.

The government's EU leaflet: criminal justice

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on keeping criminals and terrorists out of the UK.

The government's EU leaflet: benefits

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on benefits for EU migrants.

The government's EU leaflet: borders

Factchecking the government's EU referendum leaflet on controlling the UK's borders.

Non-EU immigration: down by 13%?

"We cut immigration from outside the European Union — that is down by 13%."—David Cameron, 26 March 2015 During his Jeremy Paxman interview, the Prime Minister stated that the government ...

28 April's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the Question Time panel's claims about EU trade, immigration, benefits for EU immigrants and our EU membership fee.

14 April's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the Question Time panel's claims about the tax gap, and the impact of leaving the EU on the UK's economy and borders.

EU facts behind the claims: immigration

In partnership with experts at the UK in a Changing Europe project, we've taken a look at the facts behind the claims on EU immigration.

Did 1.8 million migrants enter the EU illegally last year?

1.8 million illegal border crossings into the EU were detected by member states in 2015. This isn’t the same as 1.8 million migrants.

Can we trust our immigration figures?

We issue many more NI numbers to nationals from the rest of the EU than the number of EU nationals estimated to be immigrating here. We don't yet know why.

Explaining the EU deal: the ‘emergency brake’

Professor Eleanor Spaventa explains the 'emergency brake' idea. It would allow any member country to limit access to in-work benefits for new EU immigrants.

Explaining the EU deal: deporting EU immigrants

European Union member countries will find it easier to deport EU immigrants under the renegotiation deal, says Professor Catherine Barnard.

Explaining the EU deal: child benefit

Dr Charlotte O'Brien examines the potential legal problems with the EU deal on child benefit payments.

Explaining the EU deal: limiting residence rights for family members

Professor Niamh Nic Shuibhne explains the limits on residence rights for non-EU family members of EU immigrants in the EU renegotiation deal.

Jobs figures can't show record EU migration

Figures released today only show the number of EU nationals in work, not the numbers coming to the UK

Would net migration fall by 100,000 if the UK left the EU?

There’s no way to know whether net migration would fall by 100,000 if the UK leaves the EU.

Population, immigration, and EU renegotiation

David Cameron's speech at Chatham House contained a number of claims on population growth and immigration. We've checked them here.

Can working immigrants claim over £10,000 in benefits?

At the moment it's possible for some types of working households to get over £10,000 in in-work benefits, including people from the European Economic Area.

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