EU staff at Great Ormond Street hospital

23% of doctors and 17% of all doctors and nurses at Great Ormond Street hospital reported they were from the EU in 2015.

Brexit: which EU citizens will have the right to stay in the UK?

A high proportion of EU citizens in the UK are likely to be entitled to a special status under EU law by the time of Brexit, but it depends on …

Employment or immigration: which matters more?

Voters have expressed mixed opinions to pollsters on whether they’d prefer a more economically risky ‘hard Brexit’.

Is EU immigration to blame for missing the net migration target?

Net migration from other EU countries isn't the only reason the government hasn't met its net migration target.

Can we be part of the single market and control immigration?

We don't know what the future arrangements for the UK will be as this will depend on the deal that is reached between the government and the EU.

EU immigration and pressure on the NHS

EU immigration contributes to financial pressure on the NHS, but its annual impact is small compared to other factors.

EU immigration and NHS staff

What proportion of NHS staff come from the EU, and what could leaving the EU mean for the future workforce?

What would an Australian-style immigration points system mean for the UK?

The level of immigration under a points-based system depends, in part, on how the system is designed.

Ask Full Fact: quick answers to your questions

We've provided sources and answers to some more of your EU questions.

The government's immigration target: does EU immigration matter?

The Prime Minister claims that EU and British net migration was in balance as recently as 2008, but the figures themselves can't prove this.

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